Semi-Automatic Casing-In machine

Semi-automatic casing-in machine is for making hardcover book, easy to operate, high precision and efficient production. This machine is ideal for on-demand book manufactures along with short to medium run productions.

The machine has a casing station with cover guide which holds the book cover in place. The book block is feed through the front of the machine on a fixed wing which has a push system that takes the book block to a moving wing, which transports it though the gluing station. The glued book block is automatically inserted into the book cover and then the operator can take the hardcover book.

A foot pedal activates the production cycle, which allows the operator to keep both hands free. The guides on the machine allows for precise placement of the block into the book cover.

Presa Presa big
Book-block size min. 90 x 90 x 5 mm 100 x 100 x 6 mm
Book-block size max. 350 x 280 x 85 mm 520 x 420 x 85 mm
Mechanical speed max. 500 c/h 400 c/h
Type of glue Vinyl (PVA) Vinyl (PVA)
Electrical supply 400 V - 50 Hz – 3 ph 400 V - 50 Hz – 3 ph
Power requirements 2.2 kW 2.8 kW
Dimensions L x W x H 115 x 156 x 190 cm 120 x 215 x 210 cm
Net weight 650 kg 800 kg